Q1 Roundup for 2022

Welcome to NFF in 2022.


Simms amazing clip art in all its glory…


Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.
  • 1 Mushroom must be present in the ‘Crown’ seat and can be either Magic species from the Generative contract, any mushroom from the Genesis contract or a Legendary species from the Nightshade contract. The Crown Shrooms are not subject to being traded in or burnt upon collecting a Nightshade.
  • Each mushroom must deposit X amount of $SPRE in order to participate (final number TBC).
  • Once all Mushroom spots are filled and everyone has paid the $SPRE fee, the breeding procedure will automatically begin.
  • All mushrooms are released back to users/wallets.
  • A winner will have been randomly chosen from the default Mushroom circle seats and given the opportunity to trade in (burn) their mushroom for a Nightshade randomly assigned to them from the Nightshade contract.
  • If the winning mushroom is in the Crown seat, the winner claims their prize and gets both of their mushrooms back to their wallet.
  • If the winning mushroom is in a default seat, the winner can claim their prize but must therefore sacrifice their staked mushroom in order to receive the newly minted Nightshade.
  • All 10 participants will receive a Soul Shard regardless of every conjuring circle they partake in (needed for P3).
  • Once a Genesis Mushroom has completed 15 Conjuring circles with the community, we will air-drop them a Soul Stone, this is to encourage participation and acts as an incentive/reward for helping the community and working within the Discord.
  • All assets will be on ETH with the gaming aspects and elements sitting on POLY (accessible via polygon bridge).
but what could it be?


As you know, we never aim low here at NFF and thinking ahead is the absolute aim of the game. P3 (phase 3) will see Nightshades, Soul Shards, $SPRE and maybe even Generative Fungi (not final) all work together to try and bring mushrooms back from the purgatory state following the conjuring. Be aware, bringing something back from the dead is never a good thing and the unnatural reincarnation and dark magic wrought by the Nightshades will have taken its toll in ways we don’t yet know…


The legend that is Paper Diamond has been hard at work with the team bringing the web and brand experience up to par with the Phase 2 plans and we are very excited to show you the results. For now though, I’ll simply show you the image below as a teaser. The website goes hand in hand with a rebrand/identity that brings NFF into the modern day world of NFTs, mixing fashion and art while retaining the finesse and fun of Elzie’s Magical Kingdom.

The NFF brand across various mediums.


We have been working with Sheridans to ensure we stay within all legal boundaries, as a fully incorporated and fully tax paying company. As you may or may not know, tokens and their use must be constructed carefully so as not to risk legal issues that would necessitate changes down the road. Assessments and adjustments have been made and I’m extremely grateful to the team here who are experts in not only crypto, but also advisors on gambling and NFTs.


The Honorary Shroom project is in its planning phase right now, but will be a small collection to give us the chance to give visibility to artists and collaborators that have aided or inspired us on the Non Fungible Fungi journey and the space in general. More details to come soon!


This is all you are getting you filthy degenerates.

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Non-Fungible Fungi

Non-Fungible Fungi

The Non-Fungible Fungi are a kingdom of 10,100 unique 3D animated (and enchanted) Mushroom NFTs strolling through the Ethereum blockchain!