NFF Q1 Update

The 2023 foundations have been laid.

Non-Fungible Fungi
5 min readMar 27, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to another quarterly update from the team at Myco Labs (yes I'm using the proper company attire now), while the blog always serves its main purpose as an update - its also good just to be able to touch base with our community/holders overall and say hi now and then. This months blog will cover several key areas…
- Air-drops.
- Website.
- 1/1 Shrooms
- The Dock progress.
- A major allow list for the Discord.

Lets get to it!


Last year we set out a plan to ensure our holders could collect additional commemorative pieces of artwork by simply just holding a Generative shroom. We set ourselves quite the hefty task of dropping 10 items (in various forms and availability) and I'm pleased to say that after today we will finally be down to our final piece left to go.

For all of you that participated in the Ring Zero Conjure, you've been dropped the… erm… yeah… need I remind you that even in the Mushroom Kingdom actions have consequences.

A few fungis were harmed during the conjuring testing process.

Website V2 Update

We noted a while back that the website lacked a few tools needed by the community and we will always commit to enhancing the user experience in whatever way we can. After Midnight UTC today (27/03/23) the new version will go live which includes an abundance of fixes, UI updates, changes and the addition of tools to help holders get the most from the website. Some major changes include…
- Web text and error text updates.
- Better scaling for more dimensions and more browsers.
- Token checker going live.
- New media page with GIF generator.
- Select all buttons on Conjuring and Token claim.
- Auto OpenSea scraping to include newly minted shrooms.

Work will continue on the website into 2024 even after The Conjuring comes to an end, right now we are looking to re-deploy the GIF generator in a bigger capacity to include Nightshades and also add the ability to create MP4’s on the fly.

1/1 Artwork

Needless to say but we can all testify that Elzie’s 1/1’s are some of the most creative and insane 3D artworks around and never fail to impress. With that said, we are very proud to share some updates that are live right now.

MAGIC #29 (Fungi #1305)

Congratulations Panos in Discord who randomly grabbed a MintJar off the floor and hit a Magic. Its still wonderful to see them still being found all these month down the line and now we are down to the final fungi out of a possible 304 un-minted Jars. Welcome, Chromushroom!

Liquid, Solid or Gas?

DEVILLED #1 (Devilled Nightshade #121)

Congratulations to our long term holder and MintJar Whale JoshPage in Discord who was lucky enough to hit the very first Devilled (who actually only just Conjured the night before if memory serves me right). Devilled number 1 sets the bar for how devious the Devilled Nightshades will be and gives us yet another glimpse into the more wicked side of Elzie’s creative mind with the bigger Nightshade collection. Welcome to the world, Bognapper!

I don’t trust a man who makes Spores in a land where Mushrooms are forbidden.

Keep an eye out for Conjured Devilled #2 which could Conjure at anytime and be an Elzie 1/1 special. Pre-Minted Devilled #4 which will be our Charity Auction with all proceeds going directly to the Beckley Foundation, and finally Conjured Devilled #3 which will be our first Artist collaboration for the Nightshades. A word of caution on number 3… it might look a little rekt but please don't be put off by it.

The Dock

In February 2021 we began building NFF. Being complete outsiders to the space without a single connection, its been quite the journey and not without its trials and tribulations.

We’re proud to say that 2 mints and 3 collections later we’ve discovered what we love.

During our time in web3 we’ve carved out our niche in the space and understand what truly separates NFF from the rest of the world.

This year we plan to double down on that with a diverse and intricate 3D Motion artwork project, creating rich works of art that push the boundaries of web3 tech and how character is perceived. We are calling this (for now) ‘The Dock’.

The Dock consolidates everything we’ve learned so far and hyper-focuses on what separates NFF from the rest.

We’re so excited to start sharing more and more in the coming weeks leading up to our official announcement…


To close off the blog, I'm very happy to share that our good friends over at Figuregot will soon be underway with the launch of their project and the team has very kindly offered the NFF community 20 Allow list spots which guarantees each winner 1 single mint each!

The spots will be distributed randomly via Premint and entry is only open to those who are actively staking and currently in our Discord with a confirmed/valid Conjuring or Conjurer role.
GLHF and Enjoy the Trip!



Non-Fungible Fungi

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